Residency, Visa and Citizenships

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Residency, Visa, Citizenships

To non-EU residents, the EU Residence permits and Visas are very attractive because they are suggested by countries with a steady political, economic, social, and permissive climate, as well as because they are beautiful, EU member countries.

These are countries like: Spain, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus and Greece.

Most EU countries facilitate these programmes by investing in real estate.

For instance, SPANISH INVESTOR VISA for non EU- residents mainly is granted based on a minimum € 500,000 worth-of investment in real-estate in Spain. The visa allows access to unlimited travel to the EU Schengen visa countries. Spanish citizenship is granted after an additional five years of permanent residency. Spanish residence visas may be issued to children up to 18 years, to economically dependent adult, to children and economically dependent parents.

In Malta also you can obtain citizenship under advantageous conditions.

VISA, citizenship and passport in Cyprus can be obtained even in as little as 6 months.

Residence can also be obtained in Dubai by investing in real estate or by the holding of companies incorporated in the Free-Zone. The income tax of a Dubai resident is 0%.

Panama friendly nations visa is another attractive programme, as Panama is a very attractive country and has a tax-friendly system.

Most citizenships may be granted in such countries as the Caribbean, St. Kitts, Antigua, Grenada and Dominica, by way of providing a second passport, and they are generally easily granted by way of Government Bond or real estate investments.