Company Transfer

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About Company Transfer Service:

An Agent/Registered agent’s role in a company is very important.

In some cases, such as countries under offshore jurisdiction, registered agent’s presence is mandatory.

However, an agent also plays an important role in the company maintenance process, such as the payment of government taxes, and the maintenance of company good standing or the filing of the Annual Return.

The registered agent replacement process is different based on the jurisdiction.

As a general procedure, a written request is sent to the current Agent asking to resign and transfer the administration of the Company to the new Agent.

This action may be done for several reasons; therefore, the reason is not required to be stated.

We, as agents, will inform you on all formalities to be fulfilled and on the obligations you have toward the former agent, if they are in place, to complete the transfer.

When companies also have a secretary – in the countries when such is also required under the law, the same will be replaced with a secretary we will provide from the new jurisdiction.

Basically, company transfer is done be a mere resolution approved by the company beneficiaries (owners); a compulsory obligation is the up-to-date payment of government taxes.

When paid taxes are up to date, we can also assist you with this process to bring the company to Good Standing.