Company Formation and Maintenance

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To form a company, the future owner must consider several aspects: fiscal advantages, maintenance, stability, business environment, image of the country, jurisdiction when the company will be incorporated.

Then the company must be suitable for the business activity.

The client can be assisted by us in choosing the appropriate company type – Resident, Non-Resident, IBC.

Please see also tax planning.

After the owner will chose where the company will be formed, it will start the company incorporation process.

The process will be completely done by us, directly or via a Power of Attorney.

Usually the complete incorporation process includes:

Company name application and name approval
Preparation and filing of all necessary documents to register the company.

The documents which will be issued and provided:

Certificate of Incorporation/Business Registration Certificate.

Memorandum and Articles of Association.
Register of directors and shareholders.
Allocation of shares and Share Certificate(s).
Provision of Registered Office.
Provision of Registered Agent/Provision of Licensed Secretary – where the jurisdiction law requires.
First year Government filing fees.
Delivery of documentation by fast courier (company seal).

In most cases, a bank account will be necessary after the company was incorporated.

Consilformation will assist the client, for each type of company there are different bank account opening options, please see our bank account opening service.

After the company will be formed and if necessary, the bank account will be opened, the incorporation process will be completed.

Company maintenance

But, then there are other services which any client will need during the company and business existence.

For instance, in some jurisdictions there are Accounting or Audit requirements, please see


In other jurisdictions there are not Accounting or Audit requirements, but usually after one year (and then each subsequently years) of incorporation the company must be renewed, meaning the registered office, registered agent, governmental fees must be confirmed. In many jurisdictions the Annual Return must be filled, confirming the company structure: actual directors, shareholders, secretary, share capital.

All these procedures will be completed by Consil International as well.

Consilformation will complete all steps to incorporate and maintain the company.