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  • Company establishment in more than 20 countries.
  • Bank account opening is stable, white-listed and favourable jurisdictions.
  • Full company management – Yearly maintenance, Annual Returns, accounting and bookkeeping services, VAT and VIES filing, yearly accounts or Audit.
  • International Tax Planning by implementing favourable tax regimes of different countries, such as: Hong Kong, Malta, the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Bulgaria, etc. with the business structure.

For instance as one fully legal international normative applied in tax planning, in this particular cases for EU companies, the normative adopted by European Union – Council Directive 2011/96/EU, named “The EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive”, mainly is abolish withholding taxes on dividend payments between 2 EU companies (EU parent must hold at least 10% of EU subsidiary) and the Directive also prevents double taxation of the parent companies on the profit of the subsidiaries.

  • Asset protection – Asset protection planning is a legal pre-planning solution to secure the assets.

Asset protection planning is the process of protecting your personal property or business from such risks as: bankruptcy, lawsuits, divorce settlements and claims, forced heirship.

Trust and Foundations are used for asset protection and can be also part of tax planning.

A foundation is an incorporated, self-owning; a legal entity is a separate company and is therefore capable of holding assets.

An asset protection foundation structure enables the holding of assets in a favourable legal environment. As a legal structure, a foundation can holds assets anywhere in the world, which means that an asset protection foundation is an integral part of a traditional estate plan intentionally settled in a beneficial legal environment.

Trusts are used to control and protect family assets. Trusts are similar to their onshore counterparts in nature and effect and they provide complete and absolute confidentiality.

A trust can provide a wealth of benefits in terms of estate/succession planning, the avoidance of forced heirship, protection against future financial enemies and creditors.  In order to achieve these benefits, it is imperative that the offshore asset protection trust be structured and administered properly.

  • Residency, Permits, Visa and Citizenship

In most countries worldwide, taxes are applied to individual incomes.

If a citizen is a resident of a high-tax country, to have a residence in a low or tax-free or tax-free countries.

To non-EU Residents, becoming EU residents can be attractive in terms of travelling freely within EU borders, in addition to other benefits, like the political and economic stability of the EU countries.