Malta bank account

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Location: Mediterranean Sea Harta Google cu locatia Malta
Capital: Valetta
Population: (2017): 440.433
EU Status: Member since 2004
Currency: EUR (Euro)
Official languages: Maltese, English
Deposit guarantee: 100 000 EUR
Number of banks: 25

Malta Bank Account Opening Service
Did you know:

Malta is a Southern European island country, located in an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is a member of the European Union since 2004 and of the Economic Monetary Union (Eurozone) since 2008.

Malta is establishing itself as an international banking center and hub for finance in the Mediterranean region. Malta’s banking sector has transformed from one having several retail banks serving the local population to a diversified landscape with domestic and foreign-controlled banks, providing a variety of solutions from traditional retail banking products to sophisticated customized private banking, wealth management and corporate banking products.

Currently there are 25 main banks in Malta.

We have the possibility to open an account with a dedicated IBAN and no monthly fees, even if you are not a resident of an EU state member country.

This allows you to send or receive money to both domestic and international banks, while saving on currency exchange fees.

Malta Bank Account Opening Service

Malta Bank Account
Key Features:

Multicurrency accounts with dedicated IBAN, including main currencies as EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, each with individual IBAN allocated;

No minimum deposit or balance requirements possibility;

Secure Internet Banking (online platform);


ATM withdrawals worldwide;

Secure contactless payments;

24/7 access to 100% of your funds.

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