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Location: Northern Europe
Capital: Riga
Population: (2017): 1 950 116
Status: UN member since 1991, member of the Council of Europe since 1995, joined EU and NATO in 2004
Currency: EUR (Euro)
Official languages: Latvian
Deposit guarantee: 100 000 EUR

Latvia Bank Account Opening Service
Did you know:

  • The Latvian flag is one of the oldest flags in the world.
  • Latvia is home to the widest waterfall in Europe, Ventas Rumba.
  • With over 800 Art Nouveau buildings, Riga it is a world’s famous city for its architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree for Christmas is originated from Riga.
  • The jeans inventor was born in Riga. In 1870 the tailor Jacob Davis created a strong pair of trousers for a woodworker, which later were patented with the help of Levi Strauss.

Latvia it is one of the three Baltic States located in the Northeastern Europe.

After gaining its independence in 1991, Latvia changed to a market economy and experienced rapid growth to a country with high-income economy. Main industries of Latvian economy are agriculture and fishing, manufacturing, services, transportation and telecommunications.

The banking sector in Latvia is relatively small but well developed. Since its independence in 1991 has been developing to an important banking centre in the European Union, well-known as an offshore banking center that provides banking products and financial services to international non-resident clients.

Latvian banks offer a variety of services for non-residents clients: retail, private, borderless accounts, currency account and corporate banking as well as online trading and brokerage and we are working with best bank in latvia

Now is not so easy to open a bank account here due to the changes in the legislation and stricter rules concerning due diligence and customer identity. If you have real economic substance in Latvia or in any other of the Baltic states, we can assist you to have a straightforward process of account opening.

We work with some of the best banks in Latvia.

Latvia Bank Account Opening Service

Latvia Bank Account
Key Features

Multicurrency accounts (over 15 currencies)

Internet banking with Digipass device

E-commerce solutions

Low monthly fees

VISA/ MasterCard international debit cards

SEPA transfers

Access to internet bank via mobile digipass

English speaking

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