IBC Offshore – 0% Tax

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IBC Offshore – 0% TAX

Zero Tax Offshore companies incorporated in jurisdictions (often described as tax havens, fiscal paradise), where legislation for international business companies allows foreign companies to be fully exempt of taxes if they do not conduct business activities on their own territory.

JurisdictionsCompany typeCorporate taxationDividends taxationNominee servicesAccountingMinimum no. of directorsMinimum no. of shareholdersLocal secretaryBearer shares permitted
BelizeIBC0%0%yesnot required11not requirednominee
Marshall IslandsIBC0%0%yesnot required11not requirednominee
Saint VincentIBC0%0%yesnot required11not requirednominee
BahamasIBC0%0%yesnot required11not requirednominee
Cayman IslandsIBC0%0%yesnot required11not requirednominee