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Resident Companies – Tax Planning

Resident companies with favorable tax regime that can be used for Tax Planning and International Business Structuring projects and objectives, Double Tax Agreements, VAT Number, EU Parent Subsidiary.

JurisdictionCompany TypeCorporate TaxationDividends TaxationVAT %AccountingLocal DirectorsNo. of ShareholdersLocal SecretaryDouble tax Agreements
UKUKLimited20%0% for foreigners20%YesNoMinimum 1Not requiredYes
MaltaMaltaLimited5-35%5% for foreigners18%YesNoMinimum 1Required for residencyYes
CyprusCyprusLimited12.5%0% for foreigners19%YesYes for residencyMinimum 1Required for residencyYes
AustraliaAustraliaLimited10%GSTMinimum 1
New ZealandNew ZealandLimitedMinimum 1
MontenegroMontenegroLimited23%YesMinimum 1Yes
SingaporeSingaporeLimited17%7%GSTMinimum 1Required
RomaniaRomaniaLimited3%, 16%5%19%YesNoMinimum 1Not requiredYes
South AfricaSouth AfricaLimited

Non-resident – 0% TAX

Territorial Tax Regime companies, offshore and onshore type companies.  Although not regarded as a tax haven, it has a favorable tax regime which means when correctly structured and administered, the company can be used for international trade without paying local tax, provided that profits are not of local source. This is often referred to as “territorial taxation”.

JurisdictionCompany TypeCorporate TaxationDividends TaxationNominee ServicesAccountingLocal DirectorsNo. of ShareholdersLocal SecretaryDouble tax Agreements
GibraltarGibraltarLimited0%0%YesRequiredNot requiredMinimum 1RequiredNo, as non-resident
Hong-KongHong KongLimited0%0%YesRequiredNot requiredMinimum 1RequiredYes
UKUK LLPPartnership0%0%YesRequiredNot requiredMinimum 1Not required
ScotlandScotland LPPartnership0%0%YesRequiredNot requiredMinimum 1Not required
CanadaCanada LLPPartnership0%0%YesRequiredNot requiredMinimum 1Not required
MauritiusMauritiusAC0%0%YesRequiredNot requiredMinimum 1Not required
FloridaFlorida LLCLimited0%0%YesRequiredNot requiredMinimum 1Not required
Costa RicaCosta RicaPrivate Corporation S.A.0%0%YesRequiredNot requiredMinimum 1Not required
AmericaDelaware LLCLLC0%0%YesRequiredNot requiredMinimum 1Not required
UAEUAE DubaiIBC, LLC, Free Zone0%0%YesRequiredNot requiredMinimum 1Not required

IBC Offshore – 0% TAX

Zero Tax Offshore companies incorporated in jurisdictions (often described as tax havens, fiscal paradise), where legislation for international business companies allows foreign companies to be fully exempt of taxes if they do not conduct business activities on their own territory.

JurisdictionCompany TypeCorporate TaxationDividends TaxationNominee ServicesAccountingMinimum DirectorsMinimum ShareholdersLocal SecretaryRegistered agent
BelizeBelizeIBC0%0%YesNot required11Not requiredYes, local
SeychellesSeychellesIBC0%0%YesNot required11Not requiredYes, local
BVIBVIIBC0%0%YesNot required11Not requiredYes, local
DominicaDominicaIBC0%0%YesNot required11Not requiredYes, local
AnguillaAnguillaIBC0%0%YesNot required11Not requiredYes, local
Marshall IslandsMarshall IslandsIBC0%0%YesNot required11Not requiredYes, local
Saint VincentSaint VincentIBC0%0%YesNot required11Not requiredYes, local
VanuatuVanuatuIBC0%0%YesNot required11Not requiredYes, local
SamoaSamoaIBC0%0%YesNot required11Not requiredYes, local
BahamasBahamasIBC0%0%YesNot required11Not requiredYes, local
Cayman IslandsCayman IslandsIBC0%0%YesNot required11Not requiredYes, local