Audit service

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Companies incorporated in several countries as Hong Kong, Singapore or Malta, Cyprus members of European Union are required to prepare a set of audited financial statements every year and file them at the Registry of Companies form each country.

Financial Statements are useful also because they are showing the accurate and complex picture of the companies activity.

Audit is the synthesis of the company activity based on:

  • Contracts signed by the company
  • Selling and purchasing invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Documents supporting payments
  • Dividends received
  • Titles of propriety
  • Information about Subsidiaries (if any)

Our company is preparing the Audit of Financial Statements in each jurisdiction in accordance with International Accounting and Auditing Standards.

The service is including first the presentation of audited financial statements to the directors and shareholders. After approval, we will proceed with the submission of statutory financial statements to the relevant local authorities.

Considering the fact the Audit is mandatory in the such jurisdictions, this is an advantage as this makes the jurisdiction more regulated.