Asset protection service

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Asset protectionsimply means to keep your assets safe.

This is the main goal of asset protection and it is considered to be a very important goal in anyone’s live planning.

Asset protection it is not just for HNWI (High net worth individuals), but for anyone who wants to protect his assets, business or future investments.

The protection can be from creditors or future claims. As well, you can avoid forced heirship which is applying in many countries and inheritance protection, or you can safely transfer the assets to your heirs.

Asset protection planning is completely legal, pre-planning being the best option.

As a conclusion, asset protection planning it is a process of protecting your personal property or business from risks like bankruptcy, lawsuits, divorce settlements and claims, but also o safe solution for your future.

Most of the solutions are and will be tailor made for each particular case, considering the goal, individual, business and assets.

The most useful and common for asset protection are the Trusts and Foundations.

Asset Protection – The Trusts

The trust are used is common law countries where the concept of a “trust” is recognized.