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Territorial Tax Regimes

Companies, which correctly structured and administered, can be used for international trade without paying local tax, provided that profits are not of local source, referred as territorial taxation.

Resident Companies

Companies with favorable tax regime that can be used for Tax Planning and International Business Structuring, Double Tax Agreements, VAT Number, EU Parent Subsidiary.

IBC Offshore Companies

Zero tax offshore companies incorporated in jurisdictions where legislation for IBC’s allows them to be fully exempt of taxes if they don’t conduct business activities on their own territory.

Bank Accounts Opening

We are agents and introducers of numerous international banks. Our service consists in opening of bank accounts at appropriate to our clients’ banks.

Territorial Tax Regime companies, offshore and onshore type companies.  Although not regarded as a tax haven, it has a favorable tax regime which means when correctly structured and administered, the company can be used for international trade without paying local tax, provided that profits are not of local source. This is often referred to as “territorial taxation”.


To form a company, the future owner must consider several aspects: fiscal advantages, maintenance, stability, business environment, image of the country, jurisdiction when the company will be incorporated … more

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There are jurisdictions where it is possible to obtain bank licenses with a relative small investment.

In most cases, the clients opt for Class B license, meaning the bank is not allowed to conduct activities in the country where the license is obtained. But, most of the banks are international and this is not a significant disadvantage ….read more

In certain cases, Nominee Director and Fiduciary Shareholder Services are appropriate, or even mandatory, and the client may opt to use the services ….read more

To non-EU residents, the EU Residence permits and Visas are very attractive because they are suggested by countries with a steady political, economic, social, and permissive climate, as well as because they are beautiful, EU member countries ….read more